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Abingdon Moore Realty

Abingdon Moore Realty was established in January 2022.   As all businesses do, they started with an idea, then a dream, to a reality. When trying to come up with a name, one of the owners was driving down the road with the radio turned up and a light bulb went off.   Abingdon Moore.  He immediately called Amanda to confirm she was born in Moore and not Norman, because Abingdon Norman just didn’t sound right.  And so, Abingdon Moore Realty’s name took root. The name is derived from the birthplaces of the owners.  Robert was born in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, England and Amanda was born in Moore, Oklahoma, United States.

Abingdon Moore Realty was opened to give options and alternatives with an honest approach and knowledgeable services in the communities they serve.  In keeping up with change and modern times, the office offers a small footprint, and it lets the Realtors spend more time outside where the clients are served, and properties are being listed and sold.

Abingdon Moore Realty is licensed to provide trading services, property management, and strata management services.  Simply put, our agents can help with buying and selling real estate, managing the owner’s investment property, and assist strata councils with management of the strata corporation.  

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