Real Estate Myths That Could Cost You Money

Myth #1

You shouldn’t call a Realtor until you’re ready to buy 


Involving a Realtor at the beginning of the buying and selling process means you have access to their knowledge and data. Great real estate agents help clients navigate the ever-changing real estate market and avoid pitfalls common to purchases and sales. The sooner you’re equipped with that expert knowledge, the better.  

When you work with an agent, you can expect they have extensive market knowledge, a wide professional network, are adept at spotting potential problems, provide valuable price guidance, possess excellent negotiating skills, finely honed marketing skills, and save you time and energy.  

If you are pre-approved for a mortgage, have a deposit saved to cover all contingencies, a Realtor can help you navigate a shorter, more manageable timeline in terms of buying or selling. The right Realtor can also reduce the amount of time it takes to sell your home even in a seemingly slow market because they are promoting and networking with others to make sure your house is getting the attention it deserves.