Abingdon Moore Realty - Property Management Services 


What is Property Management? 

Abingdon Moore Realty’s Property Management Division offers full service and has been designed to focus on managing your investment(s). 

Our services include: 

Advertising available rentals, screening applicants, showing the property, placing suitable tenants for individual rentals, drafting the tenancy agreement, completing move-in and move-out inspection reports, collecting monthly rents, requesting maintenance/services for your property, sending monthly direct deposits to the Owner, sending monthly statements to the Owner and paying invoices for services/maintenance rendered. 


What are the Legal Qualifications for a Licensed Property Manager? 

Legally practicing Property Managers must be licensed through BCFSA and work under a licensed Brokerage. As a fully licensed Brokerage, Abingdon Moore Realty’s Property Managers meet all licensing requirements and stay current with BCFSA continuing education requirements, and Residential Tenancy Act rules and regulations. Our trust accounts meet the standards set out with BCFSA with annual audits being performedWe manage your property so you can focus on everyday life. 


Abingdon Moore Realty’s Property Management Division full-service package includes:  

Full disclosure of agency relationship and what it means for you.  We work as the exclusive agent for the owner and keep their interest in mind with every decision made. 

Setting market rents. The rental market is ever changing, similar to real estate.  We strive to stay current with rental rates and trends. 

Advertising the rental. We use several platforms for marketing the rental. We currently use Facebook and the Abingdon Moore Realty website, as well as our diverse personal network.  We constantly have potential tenants applying for rentals.


Screening of applicantsOnce we have a completed tenant application, we verify the information in the application, confer references, perform whatever background searches are necessary and verify employment and/or income.


Showing of rentals. Once an applicant has been screened and deemed to be a suitable candidate for tenancy, we schedule and show the rental.

Drafting rental agreements.  We draft all rental agreements in accordance with the Residential Tenancy Act. Abingdon Moore Realty also provides an addendum to tailor the tenancy agreement to each individual tenancy.

Security and Pet deposits.  Abingdon Moore Realty collects the security and pet deposit for each rental propertyThis deposit(s) is then forwarded to the Owner at the beginning of the tenancy.  It is not held in our trust account.  At the end of the tenancy, the deposit amount is withheld from the last month(s) rent proceeds to the Owner.


Move-in and Move-out Condition Inspection Reports.  Abingdon Moore Realty – Property Management, completes a Condition Inspection report when the tenant moves in and then again when they are vacating. photo file is stored for reference.

Financial statements.  Abingdon Moore Realty, Property Management Division subscribes to current Property Management software.  This software is designed to allow our management team to thoroughly and effectively perform bookkeeping, track owners/ properties/ tenants, and provide a variety of statements to owners, which includes monthly statements.  Also, our A/P and A/R stay current and reports are always available. It is an inclusive program, so information is not lost and is available at the confidential click of a button.  

Monthly Property Management Duties: 

Rent collection. 

Rental inspections. 

Paying property management fees from the Owner’s account. 

Paying any invoices incurred for the rental in the previous month. 

Paying rent proceeds, via Direct Deposit, into the Owner’s account.  This occurs between the 15th and the 20th of the month. 

Emailing the Owner’s monthly account statements. 

Liaising directly with tenants There is no direct contact between the Owner and the tenant.  

Preparing and serving notices to tenants.  This includes, but is not limited to, permissible, annual rent increases, 10 Day Notice for Unpaid Rentnotices for maintenance visits as well as a vast variety of other notices. 

Receiving and processing maintenance requests from tenants.  There is also regular maintenance which often needs to be carried out. Examples of such: Annual maintenance of furnaces, heat pumps, baseboard heaters, gutter cleaning, de-icing of sidewalks, etc.  

Abingdon Moore Realty – Property Management Division has someone on call, 24/7 for Emergencies.

By the RTA rules, these emergencies are:  

Major leaks in pipes or the roof, damaged or blocked water or sewer pipes and plumbing fixtures, primary heating system, damaged or defective locks that give access to a rental unit, and electrical systems. 


Abingdon Moore Realty – Fee structure: 

Placement of a new tenant: 

This professional fee is 50% of the first month’s gross rent, plus GST.  This covers all costs for advertising, screening, viewing, Tenancy Agreement and Condition Inspection Report completion. There is a minimum charge of $500, plus GST. This fee is paid directly to Abingdon Moore Realty. 

Ongoing Monthly Management: 

This professional fee is 10% of the gross monthly rent, plus GST.  There is a minimum charge of $100/month.  This fee is paid directly to Abingdon Moore Realty. 

Dispute Resolution Representation: 

As an existing client, Abingdon Moore Realty – Property Management Division will assist in this process.  For more information contact us.

Placement Only Service: 

This professional fee is 50% of the first month’s gross rent, plus GST. This covers all costs for advertising, screening, viewing, Tenancy Agreement and Condition Inspection Report completion. There is a minimum charge of $500, plus GSTThis fee is paid directly to Abingdon Moore Realty.